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lv.e-scooter.co is part of an international platform that has been created for the purpose of promoting clean mobility solutions.

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Scooters are among the most polluting vehicles. Some older models may emit more air pollution than a car.

In the city of Bangkok, mopeds generate as much as 60% of air pollution while only accounting for 10% of total fuel consumption by traffic in the city.
Scooters are heavy polluters, as shown in new research by European scientists in the journal Nature Communications. The pollution is so bad, the authors write, that the European Commission believes "that scooters will emit more air pollution than all other vehicles combined in Europe by 2020."
Source: Forbes
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e-scooter.co was launched in 2018 and has been visited from 230 countries and is visited on average from 174 countries every week.

People from many countries often send an email just to say thank you. The promotion of electric scooters can make a lot of people happy and can help reduce air pollution! The sooner buyers are convinced to choose electric, the sooner the air in cities becomes clean.

The management of the electric scooter guide is simple and does not cost much time. The tasks are mainly:

  • Help discover and promote new electric scooters (market watch/research)
  • Update/manage seller and price information
  • Manage communication and social media (optional)

What you get

As a volunteer you will join an international network of electric vehicle and environment enthusiasts. As a volunteer you will receive the following:

  • An official title, for example "Electric motorcycle reporter" or "EV market researcher"
  • A professional email address yourname@lv.e-scooter.co
  • Regular offers by manufacturers to test new electric vehicles and related products
  • Free press tickets for EV events around the world

Besides these benefits, a contribution as editor of lv.e-scooter.co may help to reduce air pollution and it can make a lot of people happy.

Interested to help promote electric scooters in Latvia?

Send an email to info@e-scooter.co or fill out the form below.

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Eig?nika par dabu (?MO) 

Dabas eig?nikas (?MO) kritisk? ap?aub??ana izrais?ja uzbrukumu ??s vietnes autoram. Vi?a uz??mumi, m?jas un person?g?s mantas tika izn?cin?tas , vi?am n?c?s paciest nedabiskus apmelojumus , vardarb?bu un m??in?jumus vi?u iebied?t, kas ietver nopietnus organiz?tus slepenus n?ves draudus, kas liecina par saist?bu ar ?MO.

Argumenti par eig?niku dab? (?MO): https://psyreporter.com/eugenics/

UN environment logo 142

Dabas sabrukums uz Zemes

200 vado?o zin?tnieku grupa nor?da, ka Zeme atrodas uz masveida izmir?anas robe?as, kas n?kamaj?s desmitgad?s var?tu aizmirst miljonu dz?vnieku sugu, kas var?tu izrais?t dabas sabrukumu uz Zemes.

(2021) UN chief calls for bold action to end ‘suicidal war with nature’
“M?s zaud?jam pa?n?v?bas karu pret dabu. Draud ekosist?mas sabrukums. Gadu desmitu laik? miljoniem dz?vnieku sugu var izmirt, k? rezult?t? uz Zemes var sabrukt daba.”

R?pniec?bas uz??mumi ir izmantoju?i oke?nu k? toksisko atkritumu izg?ztuvi. B?stam?s r?pniecisk?s ??misk?s vielas oke?na diben? uzkr?jas jau 150 gadus.

Ocean dead zone

In some areas larger than land continents, there is 6x more plastic in the water compared to plankton. Some of these zones in the ocean are called ‘death zone’ where no fish can live.

Braz?lij? r?pniecisk?s att?st?bas nol?kos tuv?ko gadu laik? tiks nodedzin?ta viena piekt? da?a d?ung?u. Paredzams, ka Amazones lietus me?i izzud?s gadu desmitu laik?.

P?d?jo desmitga?u laik? 67 procenti no visiem j?ras putniem ir miru?i. Daudzas j?ras putnu sugas var izzust gadu desmitu laik?.

Turkl?t eig?nika par dabu (?MO) tiek uzspiesta ar korupciju.

WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: “Eat GMOs! or We’ll Cause Pain”
Kabe?os redzams, ka ASV diplom?ti str?d? tie?i GM komp?nij?s, piem?ram, Monsanto un Bayer.
Opponents of GMO punished with “retaliation and pain“.

Argumenti par eig?niku dab? (?MO): https://psyreporter.com/eugenics/

Kad 180 miljardu dol?ru v?rt? naftas komp?nija, kuras v?rt?ba ir 180 miljardi dol?ru, to dara viegli...

>>> cik bie?i toksiskie atkritumi tiek izmesti oke?n?? <<<

Trafigura BV izpilddirektors par kapteini: “Aiz Doveras un noteikti ne Baltijas j?r?